About us

The MY Creative Human Resource and Consultation centre was founded on two fundamental ideas.
The first stipulates that humans are innately creative and therefore,the job of any organization that intends to effectively stimulate this innate capacity falls in merely providing the adequate tools.
The second premise asserts that investing in and developing the ‘human resource’ is more valuable than a similar undertaking in the ‘financial resource’.
These notions ring true,because once the human resource is equipped with the proper skills and training;exponential growth is easily realized.
Based on these principles – a group of academics,
researches and experts in the different fields of Human Resource Development,Management,Public Relations and Media – founded MY Creative Human Resource and Consultation.
After years of working in the field of training and consultation,coupled with a thorough and scientific study of the reality and training environment in Malaysia,the above mentioned centre was officially registered in the Kuala Lumpur.
The centre went to great lengths to developing various comprehensive training materials that will effectively equip individuals to attain personal and organizational ambitions.

Our Strategic Goals

1) To provide a distinct and creative training experience in the best methods and modern training techniques.
2) To present the best consultations in the fields of Management,Financial Transactions,Public Relations and Media and various other fields.
3) To contribute in attaining the strategic ambitions of individuals and organizations that consult with us.
4) To be a comprehensive reference for individuals and organizations alike in areas of human resource development.
5) To become the destination of choice for those who seek to organize and execute international conferences,seminars and symposium in Malaysia.
6) To become a global institute that harbours the best experts and specialists in developing human resources and human relations.

Our Mission

It is said that “All of tomorrows flowers are in today’s seeds,and all of tomorrows results are in today’s thoughts”.Out of this wisdom,
we envision our centre as the ‘seed’ that will bloom and stimulate individuals and leaders – in all management levels;by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills that will propel them to fulfil both their personal and organizational ambitions and strategic goals there.

Our vision

We seek to sculpt the skills and widen the knowledge of our customers and partners in training.
To allow them to reach their full and optimal potential once they have undergone the prepared training material which are all geared to allow them accomplish the highest possible levels of creativity and productivity within the organization.
We also aspire to reach and fulfil the set strategic goals of individuals and organizations by providing distinct and unique training and consultation services delivered highly qualified experts who use the latest modern scientific methods in training.
The training courses and workshops carried out by the centre are done so with the sole purpose of empowering and equipping its participants with the latest technical developments in various fields so that they may reach their optimal performance in whatever they are doing.

Our Services

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The centre provides numerous training programs for all management and organization levels,be it on an individual or organizational basis. The training session will be conducted and supervised by an elite group of individuals who are specialists and experts in various

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The centre provides a consultation service especially in fields of management,finance,public relations,media,and various other fields. The consultation service is overseen by experts who possess distinct academic and practical qualification and experience.

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Due to our wide network with the training sector and tourism services in Malaysia and in several other countries around the world,the centre provides additional services of organizing and executing conferences,seminars,symposium,workshops,and different activities

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